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Lombok Update

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We’ve recently returned from a trip to Indonesia that gave us the opportunity to see how the earthquakes of August 2018 have impacted travel to one of our favourite, and top selling destinations. Widescale coverage at the time gave the impression that the damage and destruction was far more widespread than it was – with the majority of the damage focussed on residential areas on the north coast which is not home to any hotels. Trips to the summit of Mount Rinjani have been paused, and we await re-opening dates for any aspiring volcano trekkers.

Many hotels remained open, whilst others took the opportunity to undertake revamping and renovations, and are now open, and welcoming to all guests! The reality is the properties that Ethos Travel work with are built to a high standard of design and construction and any damage was cosmetic. Of course clients on the island at the time were moved to Bali – mainly because many hotel employees needed to return to their families and villages and we didn’t want to put undue stress on the hotels.

The good news is that all our hotels are now open and will be 100% operational in 2019. We see it as our responsibility to keep all our clients informed of the situation in Lombok, and naturally encourage as many of our clients as possible to return! With tourism being such a revenue generator for families and communities Ethos Travel will be donating £25 per traveller for any bookings that include Lombok from now until 28th February 2019.

This money will be donated to the incredible Fundraising for Northern Lombok by Tugu Hotels who have built 200 houses to date, with another 300 on course to be finished before the rainy season truly kicks in.

After meeting with the owners of a number of the Lombok properties, this is the latest update from our hotels as of 27/11/2018:

Qunci Villas        : Fully operational
Puri Mas              : Operational. Moderate construction for new lead-in room category and renovation of Presidential Villas.
Jeeva Klui           : Fully operational. Minor renovation works of the wooden steps planned for February 2019
Tugu Lombok    : Operational. Presidential Villa and new Family Rooms under construction.
Jeeva Beloam    : Fully operational.
Mahamaya          : All operational. Minor fountain renovation.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop the Indonesia experts a line and book your Lombok holiday today on 020 7284 1888 or

Lombok Sunset

You voted Gili Meno Indonesia’s best beach; we mostly agree with you!

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We appreciate that The Jakarta Post may not be on your reading list, but it very much is for us. But here’s a little article that we could have predicted – that the island of Gili Meno has one of Indonesia’s most beautiful beaches!

See: Gili Meno Indonesia’s best beach

Obviously this story has cherry picked feedback from Trip Advisor, but what it fails to mention is that the gloriously traffic island has a lovely little 11 room hotel that’s very much one of our favourites – Mahamaya.

See: Mahamaya, Gili Meno

Mahamaya Beach View

What the article also fails to mention (but excited us in a geeky, travel way that probably doesn’t excite you) is that Singapore Airlines new timings mean you can have seamless connections to and from Lombok for the first time ever (based on you flying on a Tuesday or Thursday, and retuning on a Sunday or Monday!).

So for the small outlay of £1,349 per person (presuming there are two of you) we’ll fly you to Lombok, pick you up for your drive up the cost of Lombok till you jump in your speedboat for a 10 minute crossing that will typically pull up at the beach in front of the Mahamaya. And you will spend 9 glorious, relaxing nights there before dragging yourself back to reality!

This is of course reliant on you booking before March 2nd, and travelling in certain months (not during the rainy season though).

Call us for a chat about the details – 020 7284 1888