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You voted Gili Meno Indonesia’s best beach; we mostly agree with you!

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We appreciate that The Jakarta Post may not be on your reading list, but it very much is for us. But here’s a little article that we could have predicted – that the island of Gili Meno has one of Indonesia’s most beautiful beaches!

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Obviously this story has cherry picked feedback from Trip Advisor, but what it fails to mention is that the gloriously traffic island has a lovely little 11 room hotel that’s very much one of our favourites – Mahamaya.

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Mahamaya Beach View

What the article also fails to mention (but excited us in a geeky, travel way that probably doesn’t excite you) is that Singapore Airlines new timings mean you can have seamless connections to and from Lombok for the first time ever (based on you flying on a Tuesday or Thursday, and retuning on a Sunday or Monday!).

So for the small outlay of £1,349 per person (presuming there are two of you) we’ll fly you to Lombok, pick you up for your drive up the cost of Lombok till you jump in your speedboat for a 10 minute crossing that will typically pull up at the beach in front of the Mahamaya. And you will spend 9 glorious, relaxing nights there before dragging yourself back to reality!

This is of course reliant on you booking before March 2nd, and travelling in certain months (not during the rainy season though).

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