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As possibly Ethos Travel’s most unique location, Christmas Island sometimes throws up more questions than answers. But it undoubtable produces the most content travellers – whilst wanting to fully prepare you for the wonders of this amazing island, it’s nice to have surprises, and Christmas Island is full of them! We’ve sent birders, divers, bucket listers, travellers looking for ‘interesting stopovers en-route to Perth’, David Attenborough fans, and even people looking to do ‘an alphabet of nations’ (Christmas Island comes under ‘X’ as the airport code is XCH).

But what we havn’t been able to do is accommodate travellers in luxury accommodation – well, until now! And what’s more – it’s not any luxury hotel, it’s a 2 room, exclusive eco-lodge perched on a sea cliff on one the island’s stunning uninhabited coasts (by humans anyway, no shortage of birds, crabs etc…).

The brain child of Chris and Jess Bray, Swell Lodge was years in the making – from the decision where to open their ‘ultimate eco-lodge’ which took them all over the world before settling on Christmas Island, to quite literally, the building work (only 2 lodges are ready – the other 5 planned will take a few years yet). Being set in a national park limited the usage of equipment – so much of your lodge is meticulously built by hand (and typically carried from the nearest road). It is course of the highest possible standard – floor to ceiling windows with an expansive deck that brings you Indian Ocean’s finest sunsets, 100% solar power, but with the luxury of the finest locally produced food (the resort is all inclusive – including most of your activities) and even a private chef who cooks each night on your ocean deck.

Swell Lodge is definitely one Christmas Island highlight we’re not keeping quiet about!

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