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Phan Thiet

The town of Phan Thiet itself is a rather dull and dreary coastal fishing port with not much to see, but thankfully the majority of the beach hotels are located a few kilometres to the north, at the relatively new resort of Mui Ne with its impressive long stretch of white sandy beach.

The birth of tourism to Phan Thiet is said to have occurred in 1995 when thousands flocked to Mui Ne, to get the best possible view of a total solar eclipse that occurred in October of that year. Since then the region has seen a mass influx of new beach resorts which has seen it become the main coastal destination in South Vietnam.

The landscape if dramatically different from the lush green regions just an hour to the north, as here the strong sea breezes and hot, dry, climate have combined to create endless miles of towering sand dunes in a multitude of colours.

With the new highway from the south, the journey time has been cut to under three hours and the region is the perfect place to break the journey between Ho Chi Minh and Nha Trang.

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