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Located in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the largest and most visited of the islands of Thailand. Phuket is barely an island as it is connected to the main land by a bridge to the north but despite this the majority of visitors will arrive via Phuket International Airport. The numerous daily flights that service Phuket Airport, from all over Asia and the world, makes it an ideal stepping stone to not only Phuket but to the abundance of island strewn all over Phang Nga Bay.

Despite the major tourist industry in Phuket, over 70% of the island is still covered by forest and the mountainous west coast offers some of the finest beaches in Asia. Phuket is the also the number one dive destination within Thailand and the waters that surround the island boast an abundance of dive sites and marine life, so much so that Phuket is considered in the top 10 best dive destinations in the world.

There are many beautiful island hideaways in the world but Phuket consistently manages to rank amongst the very best.

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