Listen to a Tokay gecko

Ethos Travel


Thailand – the land of smiles, the mystical kingdom of Siam, one of the Orient’s most cosmopolitan and beautiful discoveries, and a holiday destination for over a quarter of a million British tourists every year.

Previously a backpackers paradise, a routine stopover on the ‘banana-pancake’ circuit, Thailand’s tourism has matured to offer a staggering array of experiences, from eco-trekking, yoga retreats to luxurious seafront villas hidden amongst the swaying coconut palms on one of a myriad of picture-perfect beaches.

Combined with the friendly and infectious nature of the Thai people, tourists – or ‘guests’ as you will find yourself, display an inordinate sense of loyalty to the country, with many people visiting year after year, and often retiring to some of the more ‘Europeanised’ destinations around Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui.

However, major hotel expansion has been focussed on a few small, avoidable areas, with new, untouched destinations opening up, and predominantly being guided by a strong ethical approach. Ethos Travel has focussed on a lot of the smaller, independent hotels throughout Thailand, where the smiles are genuine, and development respects the locale.

Whether you wish to wallow in sybaritic splendour, or cleanse your body in a holistic sanctuary, Ethos Travel has the perfect Thai experience for you.