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As fascinating as Singapore’s history is, it very much is a place living in the present. For many people this thriving island nation is well-ordered, a giant-shopping mall, or even sterile, but it is this sense of organisation that makes it a pleasant side-trip from the intense nature of most South-East Asia cities. However hard you scratch, there doesn’t seem to be a seedy underbelly to the city, but there is easy travelling, exceptional hotels, and an array of shopping that reflects the cities consumerist nature.

If you delve beyond the shopping arcades of Orchard Road you can find some implausibly unique areas that identify Singapore as the ‘microcosm of Asia’. A statuary Chinatown is supplemented by Little India, Arab Street (Kampong Glam), and a range of Malay / Singaporean hawker centres around the budget areas around Bencoolen Street offer some of the best street food in Asia.

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