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Lying 30km off the North East coast of the Malay Peninsular, the island of Langkawi was, until 20 years ago, just a sleepy island undiscovered by mass tourism that was once described as Malaysia’s best kept secret. In 1987 the island was granted tax free status with the intention of promoting tourism and the resulting boom was quite extensive. The island is now one of the major tourist destinations in Malaysia and offers some of the finest resorts in Asia.

Langkawi Island is the largest of nearly a hundred islands that make up the Langkawi archipelago. The best known beaches on the island are Pantai Cenang and Pantai Kok on the west coast and the incredibly picturesque Datai Bay on the North West coast.

Langkawi is still predominantly covered by ancient, and largely unexplored, lush green rainforest and many of the resorts offer extensive jungle trekking tours to explore the exotic and rare tropical flora and fauna.

The island escapes the majority of the peninsula’s monsoon season and enjoys clear skies even during the winter months.

With lush green vegetation, spectacular white sandy beaches and an impressive mountainous centre, Langkawi is the perfect island getaway.

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