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Life in Laos can only be described as exceedingly laid back. As most of this landlocked nation’s neighbours seem happy to brush aside their past in search of a more modern future. In contrast Laos seems quite content to keep the charms and trappings of a bygone colonial era.

Laos seems set to avoid the major construction that has been brought about by tourism in many countries in South East Asia and Eco-Tourism is quite the buzz word. Thankfully you won’t find any 1000 room hotel monstrosities here as most properties consist of original colonial buildings, or are new builds lovingly constructed in the same style.

From the mountainous north to the relatively undiscovered plateaus of the south, Laos offers an escape from the modern world. If you are the type of traveller who looks to get off the beaten track then fear not, as quite simply, Laos is “off the beaten track.”