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Bali - Ubud

What started as a small cultural centre, characterised by artists attracted to the spiritual nature of the heart of Bali, has now spread through 14 villages.

There are a multitude of hotel developments and handicraft shops along with some outstanding restaurants. Throughout periods of increased popularity, the relaxed ambience of Ubud has remained. It remains home to an alternative scene of artists, poets, musicians and batik makers.

Hotels have generally respected environmental norms and the desire of most guests to be able to open their windows onto spectacular vistas of rice paddies, farmed for their rice and not as a tourist attraction.

As hotels have spread beyond the centre of Ubud, the integrity of the area has been maintained. The ability to unwind in some magical locations remains. Most of Ethos Travel’s hotels open onto rice paddies; the night-time frog chorus will lull you into wonderful dream time.

Ubud remains the magical heart of Bali and should no longer be seen as an ‘optional’ excursion to your beach holiday. We strongly urge you to consider a minimum stay of 3 nights.

The only noises of discontent we’ve heard so far is that we haven’t made a stay in Ubud compulsory!

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