Listen to a Tokay gecko

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How do you reduce the world’s 4th largest country, a nation of 17,508 islands into a couple of paragraphs on a website? Quite simply – you can’t. This amazing nation of contrasts, contradictions and outstanding beauty is impossible to rationalise or describe – the easiest way to understand it is to visit this vast archipelago.

Make no mistake – Indonesia is much more than Bali, but how much can you squeeze in to a short two week break? Answer – not enough, which is why so many people visit again and again – for Sam at Ethos Travel it’s 16 visits and counting! It’s the perfect destination if you want unabashed luxury (think Bali or Lombok), adventure (Irian Jaya), culture (Yogya), world-class diving (Sulawesi or Wakatobi), a combination of all of these (the stunning Nihiwatu on Sumba), or even 3 metre dragons (Komodo).

With so many different religions, cultures, languages, it’s the warmth of the people that unites the nation; this is a country that is genuinely elated to see tourists.

Our friends at The Little Bali Hotel & Resort Company made this short promotional video to re-ignite Balinese tourism – strongly recommended viewing!

Where the Bali hell are you?