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Hong Kong

Once considered as one of the pearls in the crown of the British Empire, Hong Kong has changed little in the ten years from a rainy night in June 1997, and the fears about a post hand-over Hong Kong, as both a tourist destination and financial stronghold, were proved to be completely unfounded.

Once the clamour of the Handover died down, Hong Kong settled back into its usual frenetic lifestyle and has continued to grow from strength to strength ever since.

A city like no other, Hong Kong never ceases to amaze with its diversity, where a brief walk off one of the main tourist streets can feel like a, 50 year, journey back in time.

The special administrative region of Hong Kong actually comprises of 262 islands, but to many the stunning Victoria Harbour splits this territory into two, Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsular. A Star Ferry crossing between the two is an absolute must, as is a trip on the famous trams through the heart of Hong Kong Island. Venture further afield to the outer lying islands and sample some of the more tradition lifestyles of Hong Kong or visit the ‘Big Buddha’ and Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.

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