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Christmas Island.

Despite being an Australian protectorate, Christmas Island has a uniquely Asian character to create a very thorough melting pot. Reflecting the islands phosphate mining background, European discovery and colonisation the small, fluctuating population (roughly 1,500 at time of writing – but this can easily vary to give and take 500) encompasses a predominate mix of Chinese, Malays and Europeans.

You could easily find yourself with the islands populace celebrating Chinese New Year, Hari Raya – but ironically – probably not Christmas itself as many hotels and restaurants close down for Christmas!

Dinner might vary between steak and wine, fried noodles or locally caught fish and chips – often it can depend on what is open on any given night (it is important not to be presumptuous that the island revolves around tourism – it doesn’t!).

Accommodation tends to be perfunctory – think Australian style motels, clean and comfortable, but often full booked by Australian Civil Servants many months in advance – so last minute (or last month!) bookings can very rarely be accommodated.

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