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Christmas Island

Christmas Island – a tiny island dot south of Java, an Australian outpost that many will recognise by name, but will be unable to locate on an atlas.

A gem that was named by Captain William Mynors in 1643, yet not settled until 1888, Christmas Island remains one of the world’s youngest places, where tourism is still in its infancy and that is often referred to as the ‘other’ Galapagos, as outside of that archipelago, there are more indigenous species here than anywhere else on the planet.

Christmas Island has long been a focus of wildlife programmes for it’s unique eco-system. For some Christmas Island will conjure images of spectacular red crab migrations, coconut crabs the size of footballs, oceans fringed with spectacular reefs that plunge deep into the Java trenches, whale shark migrations, and endemic bird life that includes Golden Bosun’s, Abbot’s Booby and many others in a rainforest eco-system that is so unique that 63% of the island is protected as ‘Christmas Island National Park’.