Listen to a Tokay gecko

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For a country that so recently awoke from the oppressive nightmare that haunted the nation for two decades, Cambodia is an incredibly optimistic, charming and cheerful nation that never ceases to amaze and delight.

This (quite appropriately) heart shaped country boast one of the most jaw-dropping collections of ancient temples to be found anywhere in the world. But beyond the jungle covered temples of Angkor this country has so much more to offer.

From the quiet, beautiful beaches of the south, once the playground to the rich ex-pats living in Cambodia in the 60’s, to the bustling and chaotic capital of Phnom Penh and on to the Tonlé Sap, Asia’s largest freshwater lake, where life has remained little changed for many years, Cambodia offers such diversity that we recommend visitors dig just that little deeper into the treasures of this wonderful nation.