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Paradise Beckons – Or Does It?

We’ve kept a copy of this postcard on our office wall since we launched. We thought it peculiar choice to be sent as a Tour Operator that specialised in smaller, stylish hotels throughout South East Asia.

Paradise Beckons

But like many hotels we view, this property quite simply wasn’t for us. We tend to veer away from the larger, concrete hotels that we think could be anywhere in the world, and instead focus on the properties that we believe will make your holidays. The hotels where the staff have genuine smiles, quickly learn your name, and would happily make recommendations for restaurants that they take their families too.

And we believe it’s a formula that works well. We want to deliver your perfect honeymoon or holiday – and we think we’re succeeding. Have a look at our reviews to get some genuine feedback!

So if you’d like to speak to an expert in Asia who will resolve to pair you with your perfect hotel, get in touch today – 020 7284 1888 or

But if you’re after a bland, concrete, identikit hotel we may not be able to help!

You voted Gili Meno Indonesia’s best beach; we mostly agree with you!

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We appreciate that The Jakarta Post may not be on your reading list, but it very much is for us. But here’s a little article that we could have predicted – that the island of Gili Meno has one of Indonesia’s most beautiful beaches!

See: Gili Meno Indonesia’s best beach

Obviously this story has cherry picked feedback from Trip Advisor, but what it fails to mention is that the gloriously traffic island has a lovely little 11 room hotel that’s very much one of our favourites – Mahamaya.

See: Mahamaya, Gili Meno

Mahamaya Beach View

What the article also fails to mention (but excited us in a geeky, travel way that probably doesn’t excite you) is that Singapore Airlines new timings mean you can have seamless connections to and from Lombok for the first time ever (based on you flying on a Tuesday or Thursday, and retuning on a Sunday or Monday!).

So for the small outlay of £1,349 per person (presuming there are two of you) we’ll fly you to Lombok, pick you up for your drive up the cost of Lombok till you jump in your speedboat for a 10 minute crossing that will typically pull up at the beach in front of the Mahamaya. And you will spend 9 glorious, relaxing nights there before dragging yourself back to reality!

This is of course reliant on you booking before March 2nd, and travelling in certain months (not during the rainy season though).

Call us for a chat about the details – 020 7284 1888

Reviews – and why they are important – even 4 years late!

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This letter tickled us this morning – received alongside one of our Post Trip Questionnaires from 2012 and was very relevant as we are in the process of updating our review process.

“Hello, we recently found this during a clearout and although it’s old, thought you might like it still! We still talk so fondly of our honeymoon and of your company and very much hope to come back to you to arrange another holiday of a lifetime”. S&TH

If you’ve travelled with us before you would have received a welcome back letter with a post trip questionnaire on your return. We found this very personal and a lovely touch, whilst enabling us to get accurate feedback on your experiences. All comments (positive, and the very occasionally less positive) were acted on, and ensured that we knew our representatives and hotels were maintaining the same high standards as when we last inspected them.

However the reality is that more ‘ impersonal’ online reviews actually get our message out better as comments can be shared amongst those searching for honeymoons and holidays, and act as a wonderful way of extending our ‘word of mouth’ recommendations – even amongst those who you might not know! So we have teamed up with and all our clients will receive an e-mail on their return requesting feedback. This will then appear online, and also affect the star rating google gives us online, which is turn will affect how many people visit our website, enquire, and subsequently book with us, so it is very important to us to deliver a 5* experience to everyone that travels with us!

You can see our reviews here:

If you’ve travelled with us but not commented you can of course add a review! Over the next month we’ll be expanding this to add your hotel reviews as well.
We hope this explains the changes, and any confusion if you’re used to receiving a Post Trip Questionnaire through the post!

If you’re wondering what the 2012 feedback we received today was, here it is:

“We loved Bali, the perfect choice for our honeymoon. [Your representatives] Destination Asia were fantastic; the transfers were smooth, easy and educational. We were never short of things to do in Bali; it was romantic, exciting, beautiful and inspiring all in one. The Menjangan was like being in a holiday brochure and we loved every second, and the Tugu Lombok was amazing! Thank you for all your help!”

Indonesia – the Ring of Fire & Land of Opportunity!

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Traditionally Ethos Travel’s top selling destination has been Indonesia. It’s a destination that has fascinated and enthralled us in equal measure! In the office we have a combined 50 visits, and over 600 hotel inspections (less than 100 have passed the Ethos Travel cut though!).

2015 was a tough year for the country – with confusion over the new visa rules (fortunately now clarified, and we’re excited to see completely free visa on arrival for tourists arriving into Bali or Jakarta), and a stream of volcanic eruptions causing our clients delays, re-routings, and last minute changes.

Yet – this is the way with Indonesia – it’s a rugged country that lacks infrastructure once you get off the beaten track (as we like to encourage you to), and of course, over 120 active volcanoes! This ‘Ring of Fire’ caused multiple issues in 2015 with eruptions from Mount Rinjani (Lombok), Mount Sinabung (Sumatra) and particularly Mount Raeng (Java) causing issues with flights who cannot pass through volcanic dust which is spewed out in eruptions. We always say that Indonesia is a country that requires flexibility, but a country that will reward you with utmost beauty and a wonderful people. This was reminded to us by last weeks Guardian’s Images from the Mentawai Islands off the West Coast of Sumatra. It’s also somewhere we’ve been, but not somewhere we will be launching tours to (it’s a destination so isolated that it can only support very small scale eco-tourism, and a handful of Australian surfers).

The life of the Mentawai tribe – in pictures

However, 2016 will be bringing our largest expansion to our Indonesia portfolio to date. In 2015 we travelled to Mount Bromo (the most photogenic place in Indonesia?), and Flores to see new island resorts (with world class snorkelling & diving 20 metres in front of the hotel) and of course the Komodo Dragons, with 20 inspections of the boats that will take you there (from the speedboats that will take you on day trips, to the uber-luxurious Tiger Blue. We’ve been working on new programs to Kalimantan (or, Indonesian Borneo to most of you), Sulawesi (let us know if you fancy trying mud-diving, we’ve got just the resort!), West Papua (trekking, jungles, tribes, adventure, and reasonable prices), Komodo & Flores and exclusively trips to Bukit Lawang in Sumatra to see Orang Utans – surrounded by a tiny fraction of the tourists that visit the Orang Utans in Malaysia – yet – it’s easier to reach! And this is just a small snippet of our new Indonesia tours!

So it’s exciting times for this wonderful country, and next week 5* airline Garuda Indonesia are expected to launch 5 x weekly flights from London Heathrow, so getting there will be quicker, easier, cheaper and more luxurious than ever! (If you think that’s an over-ambitious statement – we urge you to try their brand new long haul planes!).

Time to Get Away!

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How is your diary looking?? 

Did January get you down? Is February becoming too much too bear? Is that overbooked diary starting to get you down? 

Maybe it is actually trying to tell you something?

Time to get away with Ethos Travel, introducing our new advertising campaign! 

New Website Launches

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Welcome to our shiny new website!!

Ethos Travel continues to bring you the best that South East Asia has to offer, whether it be the sun drenched beaches of Thailand, historical gems of Indochina or the culture & splendour of Indonesia. But now it is all wrapped up in our user friendly, sparkling new website.

Dive in and find you perfect holiday or honeymoon and let us put together the itinerary of your dreams.