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Covid-19 – Travel Advice & Information

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We’ve been quietly working away in the background of Covid-19 helping a substantial number of our Easter bookings as a matter of priority. It’s been a complex, and rapidly changing situation – with each country changing their travel advice almost daily, and airlines and hotels offering seemingly contradictory advice on a regular basis. Simple things like changing flights have turned into gargantuan tasks – with many hours spent on hold. Of course airlines & hotels are now largely short-staffed and working from home too.

During this time, we’ve also implemented a working from home policy for all our staff. We’re asking at this moment that all enquiries are sent by e-mail to so they are distributed and dealt with appropriately. We have core hours of Monday – Friday 10am-4pm – purely to enable us to deal with urgent administrative work outside of these hours, and can assure you that all e-mails are being actioned asap.

It’s not an ideal situation, but slowly we are getting there, and thank you for all your patience and support at this time. Holidays are being rebooked, new enquiries are returning, and you’re still allowed to dream about your future travels!

With so much information changing, we havn’t implemented a ‘one size fits all’ policy for bookings impacted. However, we are able to address all bookings due to travel up to 30th June 2020. Please do remember though that every trip we make is different – so feel free to contact us about your specific trip.

Due to travel before the end of June 2020?

To give you peace of mind, we have implemented special travel policies for all bookings to any destination departing before the 30th June 2020.

We will defer your booking without any amendment fee. We will pass on any upfront costs but do our utmost to limit these as far as possible, and where possible are happy to recommend similar dates that provide identical holiday prices.

Some dates (such as travel at Christmas) attracts peak pricing, but there maybe dates that are cheaper – and we will pass on all savings.

We will waive our normal cancellation conditions for travel within 21 days and instead revert to those for 70 days out (loss of full deposit plus any costs including flights).

Want to rebook but unsure of dates?

We can pick an arbitrary date and rebook your holiday without an amendment fee, providing an ATOL Certificate so your holiday is 100% financially protected. We can then look at changing your dates again in the future (again, without amendment fees, but additional costs such as changing to peak season dates will be passed on).

We are *very* hopeful that an announcement will be made soon by the CAA that ensures Travel Vouchers can be issued and 100% ATOL Protected to avoid this faff!

Due to travel from 01 July 2020 onwards?

For bookings departing from the 1st July onwards, our normal terms and conditions for cancellations apply and can be found here. You balance however, is still due on the normal date, but we will look at extending this where possible.

Will Travel Insurance Cover Me for Cancellation?

Although this depends on the insurance, and individual situation, we have found our clients with more immediate travel plans have been able to get refunds. We have produced a small guide to assist with navigating Travel Insurance and can forward to you on request from – we can of course provide Cancellation Invoices for your insurers as well.


Coronavirus – why have we been so quiet?

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We’ve been keen to keep our clients up to date with unfolding events since 01st February – the first date that a post-January Tour Operator gathering (called TGIF – ‘Thank God It’s February’ – an unfortunate turn of phrase as it turned out) led to worried about how everything was going to unfold. We were all very worried about how our Hong Kong & China would be impacted, turns out that was the least of our worries!

But the reality is that as the situation unfolded, airline, hotel and Foreign Office advice changed by the hour – and sometimes by the minute. Any advice we’d provided on the website would be irrelevant by the time we published it. So, we focussed on the individual – each of our lovely clients, their hopes and fears when it came to their bookings. And obviously the last couple of weeks has been horrendous in every which way. We hope that simply being there, and being honest has helped – although we appreciate that’s no replacement for firm policies.

We’ve spent hours on the phone to airlines, getting people home, trying to rebook, and in some case getting people out of countries as soon as possible. We think we’ve done well, but there is no patting of ourselves on the back.

But to put it bluntly, the travel industry is in turmoil. Not only have we lost 2 of our busiest months, positivity is unlikely to change in medium term. And where Tour Operators like ourselves have been hit hardest is that our old bookings – many of the bookings from 2019 have been lost – we’re being squeezed by the past, present and the future.

At the moment we’re reliant on government advice with the Package Travel Directives, and like all travel companies and the populace at whole assistance to move forward. But we’re looking forward to the moment that we can start looking forward.

For the time being, our offices will be open 10-4, Monday to Friday. E-mails will always be best, as we will mix homeworking and if necessary, very solitary office work (lockdown depending), and will have minimal staffing. But we’ll be here for you, and at some point, we’ll have an enquiry for a new booking, at which point, the celebrations will begin in style.

Do just drop us a line – even if it is just to say hello!

Most importantly, take care of yourselves… South East Asia is calling… well, eventually!

Sam, Richard, Anna & those poor souls behind the scenes (mainly Adam to be fair)


Time to Get Away!

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How is your diary looking?? 

Did January get you down? Is February becoming too much too bear? Is that overbooked diary starting to get you down? 

Maybe it is actually trying to tell you something?

Time to get away with Ethos Travel, introducing our new advertising campaign! 

New Website Launches

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Welcome to our shiny new website!!

Ethos Travel continues to bring you the best that South East Asia has to offer, whether it be the sun drenched beaches of Thailand, historical gems of Indochina or the culture & splendour of Indonesia. But now it is all wrapped up in our user friendly, sparkling new website.

Dive in and find you perfect holiday or honeymoon and let us put together the itinerary of your dreams.