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Coronavirus – why have we been so quiet?

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We’ve been keen to keep our clients up to date with unfolding events since 01st February – the first date that a post-January Tour Operator gathering (called TGIF – ‘Thank God It’s February’ – an unfortunate turn of phrase as it turned out) led to worried about how everything was going to unfold. We were all very worried about how our Hong Kong & China would be impacted, turns out that was the least of our worries!

But the reality is that as the situation unfolded, airline, hotel and Foreign Office advice changed by the hour – and sometimes by the minute. Any advice we’d provided on the website would be irrelevant by the time we published it. So, we focussed on the individual – each of our lovely clients, their hopes and fears when it came to their bookings. And obviously the last couple of weeks has been horrendous in every which way. We hope that simply being there, and being honest has helped – although we appreciate that’s no replacement for firm policies.

We’ve spent hours on the phone to airlines, getting people home, trying to rebook, and in some case getting people out of countries as soon as possible. We think we’ve done well, but there is no patting of ourselves on the back.

But to put it bluntly, the travel industry is in turmoil. Not only have we lost 2 of our busiest months, positivity is unlikely to change in medium term. And where Tour Operators like ourselves have been hit hardest is that our old bookings – many of the bookings from 2019 have been lost – we’re being squeezed by the past, present and the future.

At the moment we’re reliant on government advice with the Package Travel Directives, and like all travel companies and the populace at whole assistance to move forward. But we’re looking forward to the moment that we can start looking forward.

For the time being, our offices will be open 10-4, Monday to Friday. E-mails will always be best, as we will mix homeworking and if necessary, very solitary office work (lockdown depending), and will have minimal staffing. But we’ll be here for you, and at some point, we’ll have an enquiry for a new booking, at which point, the celebrations will begin in style.

Do just drop us a line – even if it is just to say hello!

Most importantly, take care of yourselves… South East Asia is calling… well, eventually!

Sam, Richard, Anna & those poor souls behind the scenes (mainly Adam to be fair)


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