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Ethos Travel Relaunches Christmas Island!

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According to our google analytics expert, Christmas Island remains one of most perused destinations – after all it’s a destination most people have heard of – for many reasons, yet may struggle to find it on a map. We’ve been working closely with the Christmas Island Tourism Association (CITA) to re-launch Christmas Island (and neighbouring Cocos (Keeling) Island) for everyone who has considered travelling from the UK. So we’ve put together some facts and figures and mythbusters in case you’d ever put Christmas Island on your bucket list!

– Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean – 2600km from Perth, yet a mere 360km from Java
– There are currently 2 flights a week from Perth to Christmas Island – with one that flies via neighbouring Cocos (Keeling) Island making this one of the world’s most unique 2 centre holidays
– Occasional flights operate from Asia, however the most reliable flights are from Perth – and you pay far less than Australian’s when buying in conjunction with international flights from the U.K!
– Christmas Island used to be marketed as ‘Australia’s own Galapagos’ for it’s wildlife viewing – with the world famous red crab migration, endemic birdlife, whale shark migration, coconut crabs and world class snorkelling and diving – we’d tend to agree. Or is the Galapagos ‘Ecuador’s own Christmas Island’?
– There are limited hotel rooms and cars on the island – which makes early booking essential. Driving is the easiest way to get around – we provide 4×4 vehicles, which are waiting for you outside the airport terminal with the keys in the engine. That’s how Christmas Island rolls. There is only 1 roundabout on the island, the islanders are very proud of it, and where you’ll find chalkboards full of the weeks activities (and restaurant opening hours).
– The snorkelling and diving is world class. Just head to Flying Fish Cove to witness the abundant coral and sealife just metres from the shore
– David Attenborough did indeed call the crab migration one of his Top 10 Television Moments

– There has never been any nuclear testing on Christmas Island – this was on the other Christmas Island – now known as Kiritimati many thousands of miles away in the Pacific Ocean
– There are no scary Australian critters on Christmas Island – no snakes, deadly spiders. There are in fact no predators (except the red ant) so it’s easy to get up and close to the islands wildlife such as the Coconut Crabs, or the birds
– Christmas is actually not a great time to be on Christmas Island. It’s the rainy season. And, many shops and restaurants are closed (it’s a holiday after all!). But if you’re determined, it is possible, and of course you may well catch the crab migration. Just give us plenty of time to plan it for you!

There are some activities that see the island creaking with visitors – so it’s worth planning for:
30th August 2016: Christmas Island Bird’n’Nature Week
15th October 2016: Christmas Island Marathon (one of the world’s toughest!)
26 October – 25 January: Possible Spawning Dates for the Red Crabs
November – April: Typical Whaleshark season

So, tempted? Birds? Crabs? Diving? Bucket List? Or a heady mix of everything?

Give us a call on 020 7284 1888 or e-mail and speak to someone who has been to Christmas Island and can talk you through this amazing destination!

Christmas Island Above & Below

Christmas Island Red Crab

Christmas Island Abbott's Booby

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